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Donald E. LeBrun




7250th Support Squadron

Dec 1959 - Feb 1961

2014 by Author

(Editor:  Donald died while on active duty.  If anyone cares to contact his brother, Kenneth, please contact me by clicking here.)
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This is a Memorial Page for Donald E. LeBrun, who died 03 February 1961 on active duty, while being transported to Weisbaden, Germany, from Ankara, Turkey, for medical treatment.  (See "Report of Casualty" below for details.)

Donald's brother, Kenneth LeBrun, contacted me (the caretaker of this website) and provided information about Donald's military service.  His comments are below.

From Kenneth:

Donald was a great kid.  He really struggled through high school, but seemed to really have found himself in the Air Force.  Our Dad was a farmer and died when Don was 9 and left my mother with 6 kids, and her with an 8th grade education.  She was the oldest of 12 children and had to drop out of school when her mother died.  She raised the other 11 siblings.  It was a struggle.  Then, she had to raise her 6 children on her own.

I enlisted in the Navy 3 months after Don's death, the day after I graduated from high school - the third of three brothers to enlist in the US military.